Hello from ‘The Newbie’

As you may understand, I am just about finding my way through this software with no formal training whatsoever, so please forgive any mistakes or errors which may show up! I hope to expand on the ‘features’ within the software as time goes by, but the main reason for the change, was the immediacy of being able to update the ‘Events’ page. On many occasions, someone has called me about booking a show for The Fortunes whilst I have been busy, or out and about, and I have totally  forgotten to go to my office and update the site! No more dear reader! I can now access The Fortunes site directly through my phone, tablet, or lap-top, whenever or wherever I am!



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  • Glad you had s good show and you got to Taunton safe .

  • Hi Mick, Cracking idea with the blog and new page. Best of luck with it and hope followers get involved. Great to see The Fortunes in Barnstaple in October and nice to hear the full version of “Caroline” rather than stuck in a medley. Songwriter Tony Hiller sends the band his us regards. Keep on Rockin’ Johnny Boy!

  • Thank you for making this blog…I am in Australia and myself and a few hundred other fans who saw the guys on Rock the Boat 6 down under have been following the boys on the official Fortunes site, so this will be great to get some. Input from the guys themselves..
    We have heard a rumour that they might be coming back down under in 2018. Would love to find out if this is true so we can let everyone in Australia who were on the cruise know in advance…..keep up the good work guys and don’t forget all your Aussie fans.

  • Just wanted to say thanks for a great show last night…glad you finally got to the hotel safely…See you in 2018…Take care..love to all.

  • Hallo Mick, Yes you’ve found your way through the software very good mate. Big compliment for this fabulous new website. Also good that you’ve added George Mc. Allister in the 70’s, like I told you many years ago. It feels very good to me that The Fortunes are still on the road and fulfill Rods’wish almost exactly 10 years ago. Hope to see you soon next year !!

    Alex ( Holland )

    • Hi Alex. Im glad you like it! I trust you and Anita are well? There is very little written online about George and I had to ask Margaret about the dates etc, but of course he is part of The Fortunes history.
      Yes we are still here and working as hard as ever. Hope to see you both again soon. x

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