Saturday morning and I’m writing this from a hotel room in The Frozen North near Bonny Sunderland. The journey up to The North East was terrible! Six hours to do 220 miles! After five hours, I’d had enough and relinquished the driving seat to Bob to do the last 25 miles, and possibly the most congested part of the journey through the streets of Newcastle. For once ‘Gladys’ the sat-nav decided not to take us on the ‘scenic’ route, and we arrived directly outside the stage door. City Hall is a fabulous place, which is more like an old fashioned Town Hall with seats than a theatre, but the ‘Geordie’ crowd comes a very close second only to the Glaswegians. We only get 20 minutes for our performance, but I think we all came off stage with a feeling of ‘mission accomplished’. 

Today, we roll on to the beautiful city of York, with lots of time to kill before the theatre opens so I think I’m going to give up on the diet and buy bigger trousers! My days of being a sylph like 13 stone are well over and middle age has finally caught me up! 14.5 stone is now me fighting weight….bugger it!

p.s. I’ll be showing Eddie how to use this software this afternoon so that he can post up here too
……….be afraid…….be very afraid!


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  • Bloody hell you’re heavier than me ye hoor ye ! Been to City Hall. That was when we saw the Everly Brothers on their last ever UK tour way back in 2005. Don and Phil arrived in separate buses !!!

  • Hi Mike . Good new web site , Sorry to hear the news of your expanding wasteline we’ve all experienced it, when I retired my weight went up to nearly 20 stone however i’m back down to 14 stone. but I still can’t fit in to my old uniform not that I want to . Good luck hope to catch one of your fantastic shows in the near future South Wales is a desert as far as good 60’s music is concerned please do something about it.

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