The Sensational 60’s Experience

Twenty dates into the sixty odd shows on the tour and the miles are piling on the old tour bus! I think we are nearly up to the 5000 mark! I have recently started relinquishing the drivers seat to Bob when I am starting to flag a bit or there are only a hundred miles or so to go. It does make a great difference and once I get used to the ‘white knuckle’ ride of sitting in the passenger seat, I’m sure I will be more rested than usual. You never know, it might improve my temper! (Don’t hold yer breath)

The tour is going swimingly well and we are enjoying it much more than we did last year. I think the fact that there are less acts on the bill, gives us all time to ‘breath’ on stage and are not constantly looking at the clock. Amen Corner are a fantastic band in their own right and do a great job backing both Chris Farlowe, Mike D’abo and Mike Pender. Jules spared no expense in buying guitars from the right era to get the authentic sounds needed on those classic hits, and the two six string guitars, plus Mike’s twelve string give out a wall of twang! The Hermits of course, could probably play for an hour or more and not repeat a hit record, but time limits them also to 25 minutes of sheer class pop!

All in all, its a great show and we have lots of great comments from the audience at the meet and greet afterwards. Come and see us if you get the chance!



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