Road Closed…….


Yet another nightmare journey again last night. I arranged to pick Glenn up in Shardlow on the way to our show at The Opera House in Buxton. All went swimmingly well till we somehow got diverted and stuck in a slow procession through the back streets of Derby. Three and a half hours to do 85 miles! After an ‘exhilarating’ drive through the mist, we  made it the show with minutes to spare. 

Ah well I thought, there’ll be no traffic on the way back and we’ll be home relatively early. Famous last words! Why do councils try to fix so many roads at the same time? Our journey was peppered with bloody ‘Road Closed for Repair’ signs. We were 8 short miles from Glenns car and the main road leading to it had three guys in hard hats leaning on the barrier with the hatefull sign telling us to go get lost! I admit to giving them a very severe reverse ‘Winston Churchill’…….

One diversion sign led us into a cul-de-sac in which I had to do a 13 point turn!!! Oh how we did laugh…



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