Paul ‘Biggun’ Aldridge


Sad to say that our old friend and colleague of over thirty years – Paul ‘Biggun’ Aldridge – may have to hang up his earphones and retire after suffering a heart attack a few days ago. Paul is ok and recovering after the fitting of a stent, is being monitored, and hopes to be back home tomorrow. (Monday) His surgeon has advised him that there can be no more lifting of heavy equipment so we have to wish him a healthy and peaceful retirement.

Paul has always been a ‘handful’ a many of you may know, but he is a great friend with a big heart, and will be greatly missed by The Fortunes.

The search now begins for his replacement…………..


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  • Harry Whitehouse (H) on

    We will all miss “Mr Grumpy” (Biggun) and your right Mick he was perhaps often a handful but this only went to add to him being the big character he was. Nevertheless it is good he is pulling through, take care matey.

  • It’s early days Harry, but he sounded his old self when I spoke to him yesterday. Modern medicine is amazing and I’ve heard you feel much better after having a stent fitted. Who knows? He might even want to carry on!!

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