Sixties Gold 2018


It’s official. The 2018 ‘Sixties Gold Tour’ is soon to be on sale and The Fortunes will be touring with The Searchers, The Merseybeats, P J Proby, Steve Ellis and Vanity Fare. It is to be The Searchers last ‘package’ show, as they want to concentrate on their own shows, and not have to commit to the very hard slog which is touring with a company. The Fortunes have toured with The Searchers many times over the decades and always appreciate their professionalism both on and off the stage. The Merseybeats are a hugely dynamic act and old friends with whom we have also shared a stage many times and look forward to the ‘Mersey Banter’ backstage! Jim Proby is a legend and needs no words from me here, apart from the fact that he was the very first ‘Star’ I had the pleasure to back in clubs and theatres all over Europe in my early days before joining The Fortunes. Steve Ellis I have seen many times on the circuit, but have never toured with, so I look forward to getting to know him a little better on this tour. Vanity Fare are a tremendous act in their own right, with towering vocals and many great hits to their credit. They are also a terrific backing band, and will showcase PJ Proby and Steve Ellis fantastically well.

So there it is folks. We hope you get your tickets soon and come and see The Fortunes and all the other acts on The Searchers last ever package tour!



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