The Searchers to retire……


It’s just been officially announced, that The Searchers are to retire in March next year…..

I joined the ’60’s circuit’ many decades ago and The Searchers amongst others were and still are, a huge part of it. Their classic songs and driving harmonies kept them as one of the top bands in the country in the shape of record sales, and ‘bums on seats’! This still applies in current times, as The Searchers sell out practically everywhere they perform. Rod & Barry had been  friends with John and Frank from way back in the day and some of the ‘camp fire’ stories I heard in many pubs and dressing rooms over the years, were real eye openers! They will be very sadly missed by their contemporaries, and of course the many millions of fans around the world. We wish them a long and happy retirement when the time comes in March of next year……..

On a brighter note?

I just signed a contract to tour again with ‘The Sensational 60’s Experience’ in 2019. It’s a very long and arduous tour with lots of miles to travel, but enjoyable non the less! There is also of course, our trip to Australia in August. Put that together with two fabulous cruises in May and there’s a lot to be thankful for……..

Looking forward to The Searchers last ever ‘package tour’ ‘Sixties Gold’ later this year. Also on the bill are  PJ Proby, The Merseybeats, Steve Ellis and Vanity Fare. Be there folks! It’s gonna be a blast!



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