Another tour done….


Well that’s the end of another ‘Sensational 60’s Experience’ tour. It kinda just faded away at the last show up there at The Sands in Carlisle on Saturday, and we all just drifted off back down the motorway after a cursory handshake! It’s been a hard slog, but very enjoyable. It was a great shame about Chris Farlowe’s accident as he’s a massive part of the show, but Mike D’abo took Chris’s place with fantastic showmanship and professionalism! Both Mike, The Hermits, New Amen Corner and Mike Pender have been excellent company on the road and many thanks to Billy and Alan at ‘Stageright Promotions’ for the tour and the laughs along the way! We’ll be back in 2019/20  along with The Trems and others yet to be decided on “Sensational 60’s’ so we are looking forward to that!

We’re not doing ‘Sensational 60’s Experience’ this year as we wanted to go to Australia and the timings didn’t work, so we opted to do the ‘Solid Gold’ tour instead with The Searchers, The Merseybeats, P. J. Proby, Vanity Fare and Steve Ellis. This will be both The Searchers and P. J. Proby’s final package tour with other artists, so we are thrilled to be on the bill with both these iconic acts! Look out for the dates!!


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  • Saw you guys on Rock the Boat 6 in Australia. We have just finished a 4 week holiday in the UK and just had to see you all again in Coventry 0n 17th April.It was the highlight of our trip. We are back in Oz now and look forward to seeing you again at Twin Towns in Augus. Best wishes, Joe & Jeanette McNally

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