….and we’re home!


Now that was a bit of a hectic period! What with the second part of the  ‘Sensational 60’s Experience’ tour, various trips abroad, two cruises – one from Southampton, and the other from Copenhagen – and a three date 1000 mile hike up to Scotland and back. A very tiring but a enjoyable few months, with lots of laughs and a few good memories………and the inevitable temper tantrum! (….a-hem!!)

Great to meet up with long time buddies and admin of our Facebook page, Stewart MacPherson and Carol Met. They’re now very deservedly sunning themselves on an island in Greece, the lucky buggers! We also have a bit of a break too, with only a few dates per month before we jet off to Australia for three weeks.

I’m going to recharge my batteries with a caravan trip to a favourite lake complex, where the sun will find me sat next to the water dangling me whatsit in the water! I’ll still be on the ball though and always have the phone switched on, and the lap top ready.

Busy finalising the Aussie trip at the moment and just spotted a miss spelling of a name on the ticket, and no guitars on the manifest. These small mistakes, can cost time and money if not spotted till you get to the check in desk in Perth, not to mention immigration……..

Anyway……a few thank you’s to:

‘The Geordie Boys’ Billy McGregor and Alan Wearmouth at ‘Stageright Promotions’ for all the graft and showing us in the process lads, that money isn’t everything! 🙂 He! He!

Mick and Elaine Manov for their friendship on the cruise to Portugal.

Davy Brown and the good folk at The Logie Club in Dundee for their hospitality, and The Fourmost for bearing with us at a very trying time!!


……and more importantly, our thanks and very best wishes to Jos Boekhout, our agent in Europe and friend of nearly 40 years, who is at home recovering after surgery. Get well soon Jossie. x


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  • Steven w Collins on

    Mick, You are only so busy and in demand because you a great band. I hope, health and a few other issues aside, we will catch up with you after Australia. Best wishes to the other guys, keep rocking. keep doing the blogs too.. it’s a good insight into your lives beyond the stage. Take care….Steve

  • Looking forward to hearing you play at the settlers in York with all your hits and hope you include Caroline which as a fan of radio Caroline must be your most played record
    Safe travels down under

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