Australia……..Here We Come Again!


Just another week or so and we will be off to Australia. This will be a new experience for Eddie as he has never been before so he’s in for the trip of a lifetime! It’s a huge country and the three hour trips we make over here in The UK will feel like a dawdle in the park compared to travelling through this vast landscape.

Unfortunately, Bob Jackson will not be accompanying us on this trip as he has family and other commitments he cannot get out of. We have instead, enlisted the superb keyboarding skills of Mr Toni Baker of ‘The Dakotas’! Toni has helped us out before on other occasions when Bob had gigs with ‘Badfinger’ so he certainly knows the ropes, and will do a fantastic job standing in for Bob. I believe it will be Toni’s first visit to Australia too……so it’s worked out well for the fella!

A few of you may have noticed that my own web site has disappeared. I have decided not to continue with it as I now prefer spending my time either by the lake, in the gym, or on my saddle!

Yes……cycling has become my drug of choice and it is very addictive! I will however, endeavour to report on here, all things Fortune whilst on our travels…..See ya later Cobbers!


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