Tour of Australia


Well, here we are back after our very successful tour of Australia. A vast and extremely beautiful country, where the skies appear to be much bigger and brighter somehow. I’ve toured there a few times over the years, and still it always catches me out. Maybe the light is different, but it certainly takes me a few moments to acclimatise to the difference. Warren, our agent and driver for the tour, turned out to be a lovely fella and we got on instantly. Like myself, Warren is a Sauvignon Blanc kinda guy, whilst Eddie, Glenn and Toni are all red wine aficionados, so Warren and I ended up most nights with a bottle each on the table. Did I say one bottle??

Our audiences were very enthusiastic and the ‘meet and greets’ afterwards were always very rewarding. Lots of folk we knew turned up from the ‘Rock The Boat’ cruises we did in recent years, and some of them actually flew in from as far away as Adelaide! A group of ladies followed the tour to several venues and it was great to see them leading the dancing towards the end of our ‘set’. I was lucky enough to see my youngest daughter Lucy and her fella Daniel in Coolangatta on The Gold Coast. Lucy now lives in New Zealand with her three children, so it was a huge treat for yours truly when they flew in for a few days.

Plans are now being made to do the whole thing again this time next year, so tell yer mates Cobbers!

The Forts are comin’ back Down Under!!



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