Man down!!


As you may know, The Fortunes are two men down…..

During our fabulous trip of Australia, Glenn suffered with lots of niggling headaches, and I for one thought he might need his eyes checked, but no….it turned out to be a lot more serious than that. Upon returning to The UK, Glenn and I drove back from Manchester and looked forward to our own beds to get over the jet lag. We said our good-byes as he got into his car at my house and unbeknownst to me, Glenn slipped on my drive and bashed his head.

After spending a night at his house in Leicester, Glenn set off to his girlfriend’s house in Dorset. It was there that Glenn suffered a major bleed on the brain, which might have been fatal had Jenny not acted quickly enough.

Glenn was rushed to Southampton Hospital in a helicopter where he awoke from a coma three days later after undergoing major brain surgery. Three days later, Glenn was home, fully aware and talking about his return to The Fortunes! You gotta love him!! He now needs a certain time to recover all his faculties, and is practising regularly on a borrowed drum kit in the village hall!

Bob on the other hand has just been in hospital for surgery which he has needed for quite some time, and now needs a few weeks rest and recuperation. Whilst the guys appreciate all your best wishes, we hope you will respect their need for peace and quiet………….Thanks.


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  • So sorry to hear about both Glenn And Bob,best wishes to both of them.On a brighter note looking forward to seeing the band in Norwich on Nov 11th.

  • Christine Bryant on

    So sorry to hear about Glen/Bob please send best Cornish wishes for speedy recovery.Thank you for photos of Scotland keep them coming have very happy memories of traveling the A9.Well done Mick/Ed for keeping going with help from Rick/Steve xxxx

  • JUst to say how much my wife and i enjoyed the show in Norwich last night.The Fortunes just seem to get better and better,the balance was perfect and great credit to the two lads who covered.Perhaps one day you guys will do a complete show on your own in Norfolk ,the audience in the theatre last night showed how much they loved the band.

  • Just wishing the guys all the best and a full recovery.

  • I missed Bob on the recent 60s Gold tour. I thought it was just a bug and thought he’d be back playing in the band soon. Someone told me it was more serious than that. I wish him all the best for a speedy recovery. Such a lovely guy. Give him my love. Ann Woolcott. xxxxx

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