Glenn returns!


I’m very pleased to announce that Glenn returned to the fold last night at our show in Doncaster. We were all very concerned as Glenn had a very serious operation after his bleed on the brain. He was in a coma for six days after his op and spent a week under observation, but his Doctor was seriously impressed with his very quick recovery and gave him a clean bill of health. We hope now to get Bob back up to speed very soon too……

Our sincere thanks to my old mate Rick Medlock for filling the drummers seat so well whilst Glenn was recovering. An excellent drummer and great deal of fun too! 



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  • This is brilliant news, so pleased Glenn is on the mend. Xx

  • That’s wonderful news about Glenn, I’m so glad he’s better, send him my best wishes and I’m looking forward to seeing the Fortunes at Skegness xx

  • Best Wishes to Glenn on his return to the fold.
    Well done to Rick for filling in so admirably and thanks for his pictures and videos on the road.
    Hope Bob will be back soon as well.
    Looking forward to seeing you all next Wednesday at Birmingham.

  • So thrilled to hear Glen is back where he belongs ,well done for coming through such a traumatic experience.
    Look forward to catching up with you again very soon .
    Now let’s get Bob back on the-road to recovery and the Fortunes at their incredible best ,
    Well done once again to Michael and Eddie for their amazing show in Spain and to Rick for stepping in for the guys on the tour ,

    • Thanks Trish! It was great to see you in Spain. A friendly face is always very welcome when you aren’t sure what the heck you are doing!! Yes, Glenn will be back on duty this weekend in Skegness. I’ll keep everyone informed when I hear from Bob…….

  • Just looking at your dates for next year but cannot make out what SOTF stands forcould you explain and excuse my ignorance.Best wishes to all of the band for another great year for the Fortunes.
    Happy new year.

    • Eddie and I have decided to also work as a duo so these dates indicate those shows, but if anyone calls and wants to book The Fortunes on those dates, then of course they will take precedence…..

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